Sleeping Bag Guide

Some sleeping bags also come in short and some brands make sleeping bags designed for children which are even. There are 3 different shapes of sleeping bag.

How To Choose The Best Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are insulated using either down or synthetic down.

Sleeping bag guide. Square mummy and sleeping pod. In this sleeping bag guide we will take you through all the important considerations and key features to show you how to choose the best bag for you. Unsurprisingly they also tend to be more expensive than synthetic sleeping bags.

The right sleeping bag can make all the difference to a restful nights sleep whether you are camping in the uk summer or planning a winter adventure outdoors. And in a down sleeping bag it will compact to about half the size of synthetic of the same full dimensions. As a general rule you should only buy a long sleeping bag if youre over 6 tall up to about 66.

Whether youre a lightweight camping enthusiast or prefer something a little more luxurious your sleeping bag is the most important thing you. So whether you need a warm sleeping bag for kilimanjaro cant decide between down and synthetic or maybe need a wide sleeping bag for a family camping trip here is our sleeping bag guide to help you get an amazing nights sleep. Many sleeping bag models come in two sizes.

For the purpose of cleaning away all the grim and bugs in order to use. The absolute guide to sleeping bags. Sleeping bags by sleepingbagshub if theres one item that you just cant go without when you venture into the great outdoors it has to be your sleeping bag.

Learn how to choose a sleeping bag for comfort. How to choose sleeping bags for camping. Tips on sleeping bag ratings types of insulation women specific bags and nice extras like pillow pockets.

Square sleeping bags are the most basic of sleeping bags. The weight of down is ridiculously light for the loft it creates. Most of our trips treks and expeditions will require you to have a sleeping bag.

But before the sleeping bag gets any down the down goes through a cleaning process. But choosing which sleeping bag to buy can be quite overwhelming. Choosing the right sleeping bag can be a bit daunting when faced with the huge array of brands models fillings ratings colours etc.

This article is part of our series. All sleeping bags have temperature ratings which indicate the minimum temperature that the bag is designed to handle. Temperature ratings should be taken with a grain of salt however because as of now there is no standard universal method for determining ratings.

Sleeping bags with down insulation compress more easily are more effective at insulation and also tend to last longer. Sleeping bags differ in many ways from size comfort rating season rating to different types of insulation. If youre under 6 tall a regular sleeping bag should be adequate.

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